Negotiate Top Home Health Physical Therapy Pay E-Course

Discover the best kept secrets in the home health industry. Negotiate your home physical therapy pay with confidence! COMING SOON!

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Physical therapist salary? Depends on who you ask, how much experience they have but more often what setting they are working in. Inpatient, outpatient, skilled nursing facility, burn unit, orthopedics, pediatrics, neuro rehab, and yes… home health care.

Home health care is a fast growing niche to settle into as 10K baby boomers turn 65 every day now till 2030! Unfortunately, we don’t have 10K physical therapy graduates picking up the growing demand to take care of this precious, aging niche. Demand is far outweighed by supply. The numbers get worse when I tell you that in home care, patients are generally seen 2-3x a week! We could play with the numbers all day and try to wrap our brains around the enormity of the situation. Or we can figure out how to make home health physical therapy a career niche that works for us.

Figuring this out is not simple as you think of all the pay options, travel time, car wear and tear, flexibility that you must have in order to make this somewhat lonely and isolated job work in your life.

It’s lonely because you don’t have a car load of office personnel with you; no secretary to answer phone calls and fax paperwork, no colleagues to bounce ideas off of on-the-fly, no restroom around the corner when you need it, no quick run upstairs to the doctor if needed. It’s just you and your car and your patients – one at a time – all day long.

Great option for flexibility – you can schedule patients around picking up kids from school, doctor’s appointments, shopping – you name it…but flexibility is also the name of the game from the company’s view point; it must go both ways. Life isn’t always smooth in the home health setting – patients are sick, missed visits, unknown cancellations, needing 9-1-1 to be called, having complications, etc etc… there are just a lot of unknowns and par for the course that comes along with this practice niche. You need to understand who you are before embarking on this career niche that provides excellent physical therapist salary!

If you know a physical therapist salary in home health care is what you want… you need to understand how to negotiate your pay. After 15+ years in the home health care setting and working for half a dozen or so home health agencies, I’ve come to understand how our pay can affect patient care and how to avoid the pitfalls of lost compensation for everything that goes into home health care.

From knowing how to dress for the interview to knowing the best employment status and pay optionss, my newest e-book; How to Negotiate Home Health Physical Therapy Salary will answer all these questions and give you my personal recommendations about it all! Health reform may change the game, it may not. At any rate, seniors are aging and will need your help… move forward in confidence and know what to negotiate for your pay in this wonderful and growing niche!

Do You Wonder…

  • If home care offers various employment status?
  • If home physical therapist salary can reduce the quality of care patients receive?
  • What the best payment option is?
  • What else you can be compensated for?
  • What to wear to your interview?
  • If you will be paid extra to supervise a PTA?
  • If travel time paid for?
  • If equipment paid for?
  • What your tax deductions are?
  • If you need experience?
  • What territory you will cover?
  • If you can set limits?
  • and more!


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